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Because you're worth living a happy, fulfilled and connected life.

We are all hardwired for deep and fulfilling connections, with ourselves and with others. No matter how deep the wounds in our souls, there is a natural primal force in all of us that pushes us towards connection, healing and full aliveness.


As a heart-centred body-oriented psychotherapist, I am happy to support you in strengthening this powerful source within you, so that you can use it for your personal growth and healing intentions.


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"Unless you fix the trauma, 

the hole in the soul

where the wounds started, 

you're working at the wrong thing."


Oprah Winfrey


A happy and fulfilled life is our natural birthright. I would like to support you in fully reclaiming this right. First, we could explore together how you can best strengthen a stable connection to your body and your emotions, and improve self-regulation and grounding, while always feeling safe. To do this, we use body therapy methods such as TRE or BioDynamic Breathwork. In talk therapy we can then find out what your intentions for personal growth are. What is your heart really longing for? And then we can explore your internal obstacles that stand in the way for you, and how to best deal with these patterns. The big shifts in therapy usually happen in the body, mind & soul, and also on the level of relationship.


With an improved ability for emotional self-regulation and grounding, with more relaxation, yet a feeling of aliveness, as well as a better self-image, fulfilling relationships and personal goals can be manifested more easily. Finally, inner peace grows, and life becomes  joyful again.

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Marc Rower, Body and Trauma Therapist

As a licensed practitioner for psychotherapy, I'm based in Dubai, Berlin and Cologne. I am here to support you in finding the power within yourself to create your life you want to live - online or in person. It is particularly important to me that you feel safe, relaxed and well supported.


Because relaxation is such a physical state of being, I like to work with TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises). These easy exercises help releasing internal tension, stress & trauma, and at the same time, they improve self-regulation and grounding. This creates the foundation for exploring in therapy how your internal world is organised and what's in the way for us to create the life we want to live.


In therapy, I'm using NARM® and IFS® because these modalities heal trauma, especially developmental (childhood) trauma and it's many consequences in a gentle, respectful and compassionate way, and yet so effectively. Both strengthen adult consciousness and Self-agency. That is why they are so successful.


Contact me today for more information or to arrange a free introductory session.


Marc Rower


WhatsApp / Telegram: +49 152 52605463


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